20 Dec

If you don't have enough bubble liquid at home, you can also make your own at home. You can find numerous instructions on the Internet under the keyword "Make your own soap bubbles", some with and some without glycerine.

10th Dec

The question refers to the number of edges that we can see from above or through the glass.

9 Dec.

Caution! You can scald yourself when experimenting with hot water. Please only carry out this experiment when accompanied by an adult and wearing protective gloves or oven mitts.

8 Dec

In case you cannot see the movie, please try from a different device on which no youth protection software is installed. There seems to be a problem today.

4th Dec

Once you have installed the PhyPhox app, start it. You will find a "+" in the top right-hand corner. If you click on it, you can add the configuration for today's experiment using the QR code and get started. If you don't have a cable elevator nearby, you can recreate the situation with a yoghurt pot, 1-2 m of parcel string and the edge of a table. You will then have to listen carefully, as the cell phone does not fit into the yoghurt pot.

3. Dec

For today's question, you will need a hot hob. If you have an induction stove where the hob doesn't get hot, you can put a pan on it instead and let the drops of water drip onto the hot pan.

2. Dec

Do the experiment as shown in the movie. It is best to dip the orange half completely under water so the it can rotate freely in all directions.