Participant type

For “PiA – Physics in Advent” there are three types of participants:

  1. Pupils are registered as individuals. If they have given their address and have not finished the 10th school year, they participate in the contest as individuals. By entering a school class code the pupils are also taking an active part in the raffle (class- and school-awards).
  2. Teachers can enrol and administrate themselves, their class(es) and also their school. By entering a class and/or a school the class/school automatically participates in the raffle of class- and school-awards.
  3. All others who are interested are welcome to take part and to register as an adult. Although a participation in a raffle is not possible, we offer you the opportunity to create your own raffle-group so that you can individually organize participants and prizes accordingly.
Personal data
Please note the following clarification for your better understanding: Year 1 is the first year of mandatory education and comprises pupils typically aged between five and seven. Subsequently, the form years are incremented by one each year.
Address (necessary for participation of individuals in the raffle)

Dear pupil,

To participate in the raffle for individuals you to give your address here. We need it as the circumstances require to send you the prize providing that you won something.

Your school class (necessary for the participation of classes and schools in the raffle)

Dear pupil,

To participate in the class- and school-prize raffle, you must register with the aid of the class code of the school class. Your teacher can supply you with the code. If you don’t have the class-code yet, you can also add the code later under “My PiA” to your account.

In case your teacher doesn’t know about “PiA – Physics in Advent” yet, you can print out this short information including register instructions and ask your teacher whether your school class can participate.

Self-organized PiA groups

Dear PiA-friend,

For assigning to a PiA-group, you need to sign in with the group code (here). The PiA groupleader can supply you with the necessary code. If you currently don’t have the code available, you can add the code to your account under “My PiA” later.

If there is no group yet, you can also create a separate group so that you can daily participate with your friends, families and colleagues. Within your PiA-group you can organize prizes by yourself. Via our PiA-group ranking list you can distribute those prizes accordingly after Chrismas. And no worries, the ranking list does not show the individual scores of the participants.

School address and class information

Dear teacher,

For participating in the raffle of class- and school awards you need to provide the following information regarding your school and class. For now, in this form you can only register one class with a related code you get. If you want to subscribe further classes you can do that later under “My PiA“. Please check in advance whether your school has been registered already to avoid double entries.

Hint: First type in the postcode of your school in the “existing school selection” to find out whether your school has been registered already.

A list of schools is subsequently displayed which are similar to your above-mentioned data. If your school is already on the list, please choose accordingly. In case you identify errors in your schools' data, please visit your profile to fix it late on instead of creating a second separate school entry for the same school. Alternatively, you can newly register your school via the menu point “Create school by the data provided.“

Contact information for teachers

Dear teacher,

In case your school or class is winning a prize, we need additional contact data.

Define the login and password of your account

Please provide your PiA user name and password. You need to create your login anew each year, but you may reuse the data you used last time.

Hint: Remember your data or write it down.

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